Noor Kids Books Review


About a month ago I went online looking for Islamic children’s books, its crazy how limited our choices for Islamic education is, though if you wanted a Christian based children’s book your choices are unlimited. But then I came across the website for Noor Kids and I immediately loved how cute and colorful the website was. The only downfall was how limited the selection of books are. There are about 8 to choose from, although right now it seems only 7 are on the website, maybe one book got discontinued.. I don’t know. But im hoping they will be adding new books in the future. These are absolutely great! My 3 year old daughter loves them and makes me read one each night. Every book has two stories in it along with pages for coloring, lots of little facts about Islam, ayats from the Qur’an and puzzles, and at the end of each story it has questions for the child to answer related to the conflict in the story and how the character should respond. Each story teaches the child good morals and having faith in God, all stories are religiously based but relate to children’s every day lifes.


I love how cute the illustrations in the books are, Ariella doesn’t always need me to read them to her because she enjoys looking at the pictures and doing the activities in the book alone sometimes. But I end up re-reading these books multiple times a week, even if we have a gazillion other books she could choose from.


Overall I love this series of books for teaching children the importance of good manners, morals, prayer, family, & other Islamic values, along with even teaching the kids some Arabic words, but there are some activities and questions in the books that are just slightly too advanced for my three year old to comprehend but im sure with repetition she will get the hang of it. If your trying to teach your kids about Islam at a young age I would recommend these books, my friend’s six year old son loves them and even my nine year old sister!

Noor Kids Books Review

Free Gifts For New Customers!

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Free Gifts For New Customers!

Review: Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant


I bought this lip exfoliant in November, 6 months and I still have a large amount left. It comes in a cute purple and gold tin. The texture is like a type of cream but grainy and thick because of the raw sugar, after its been rubbed on your lips your left with just the maracuja oil. the smell is a wonderful minty smell and it even tastes good! I Apply this too my lips and rub them, then add a small bit of water to dissolve the sugar, im left with amazingly soft lips that smell great!


Buy it for $16 HERE

Review: Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peel


Im not one to spend a zillion bucks on a beauty product….but we all have our moments of weakness, don’t we? A few months ago I was simply trying to buy some shoes for my daughter at the mall when a salesman snagged me into his store to try some samples. Im a vulnerable target for salesmen because I hate to be rude and ignore them…ughh. Anywhoo this guy convinced me to spend $90 on an exfoliator… But considering the price was originally $179 and he gave me a great deal, I gave in.

This exfoliator is apparently made with actual extra-fine natural diamond power, the guy told me diamonds are the only thing tough enough to REALLY exfoliate your face, im sure that’s an exaggeration but WOW this stuff really works! It comes with a fancy glass wand to rub it on your face, you leave it on for a very short amount of time and then use two fingers to rub in a circular motion, immediately you will see your dead skin actually rub off, its quite disgusting and fascinating at the same time.


I have very sensitive skin, like super, super sensitive skin, so I don’t think this will be too abrasive to people with normal or oily skin but mines always dry and when I put product on my skin it almost ALWAYS stings unless its 100% natural, soo this stuff kinda hurts when I use it, and another downfall is that you need to sometimes use two applications because sometimes Ill use it the first time but some dead skin will be still on my face but just hanging off as if im a lizard shedding my skin… Not an attractive look. But overall I love this exfoliator, it works better than any other iv ever used or heard of, even if it kinda hurts me… Beauty hurts. Although I don’t think ill ever buy it again due to the price..

If your rich…Or just crazy and want to spend almost $200 on an exfoliator, click HERE

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peel


Ok you guys, most of my more recent posts have been about beauty, health, etc. Today I need to vent, soooo that’s what im gonna do..

I’ve lived in America my whole life. I am American, I know American culture, SO I understand first hand how SOME (not all) American’s feel about Islam. Some people… Just don’t get it. I grew up in a home where no one understood it, we didn’t hate Muslims, we just didn’t like their religion. I remember being with my friends at the mall when I was a pre-teen and making jokes about a group of Muslim girls about how they might blow up the mall… We had no respect for the religion because we simple didn’t understand. In America, a lot of people feel this way, they think Muslim women are all oppressed and abused and treated unfairly, now this may be true for some Muslim women, but its not because of Islam! So because I know how some American’s feel about Islam I constantly have the need to explain the truth about it when I get the chance. I was with my Iraqi friend today speaking with an old woman, the old woman saw me fix my hijab and said “Hey I thought you didn’t need to wear that anymore since your married now?” so since that’s clearly not how hijab goes I wanted to explain hijab to her, she wasn’t trying to be rude, she just didn’t understand. And I know if she doesn’t understand Hijab she probably has other misconceptions about Islam too so I of course want to explain the religion to her, now I wasn’t trying to be pushy with Islam, its just that I KNOW an American’s perception of Islam because I use to have that perception myself. The old woman thought so much about Islam that wasn’t correct, stuff she probably saw on television. It makes me sad to think this is the opinion so many American’s have about our religion, basically the point im trying to get out there is that if you have a question about Islam or you think you know something about it that you saw on tv, don’t be so sure until you simply find a Muslim and ask them if what you think is true. I believe this would be the start to ending all misconceptions and stereotypes about this beautiful religion. If you for some reason don’t know any of the 8 million Muslims that live here in America you can always go to Youtube and listen to a lecture by a reliable Islamic Scholar who has immense knowledge in the religion. DO NOT rely on a non Muslim to educate you about something they don’t know about or have not experienced. Would you go to your dentist to get your car fixed? Or your mechanic to fill your cavities?


Review: Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips

I was at the Christmas Tree Shop today with my friend and we both wanted to get something from Physician’s Formula, we both got the Shimmer Strips Highlighter/Bronzer/Eyeshadow, I got it in the one that has a more pinkish hue and hers was the one that is more gold as she has more tanner skin than I do.


This is the second Physician’s Formula product I own, I didn’t even know I owned another one but I just realized my favorite smokey eye palate was from Physician’s Formula.

I have only used this once, and so far I LOOVEE it! First off, I love how its made, there is no barrier in between the colors so you can swirl your brush around the different shades to get a custom color. Yesterday I tried to only use this one product to do all my face makeup and I have to admit it came out really nice! I used the lighter shades to highlight my cheekbones, eyebrow bones, nose, and forehead & also used it in my inner eye as eyeshadow and then I used the darker shades to contour and on my crease as eyeshadow. I looked a lot more tanner (which I love) and using this is the first time I feel I successfully contoured ALTHOUGH I looked very shimmery..Next time I may use this palate along with a matte one to balance it out.

I plan on using this again today along with some nude/brown lipstick and subtle eyes, probably no eyeliner at all just mascara for a natural look, I think Physician’s Formula is a great brand, their packaging is awesome and I want to go back and buy more! It is one of the more expensive drugstore brands but also one of the more high quality ones too, I highly recommend Physician’s Formula!

Review: Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips

Cheap VS Expensive Foundation, Is The Money Worth It?

Most of us would opt for an expensive foundation, thinking that a totally cheap one would break out our skin, look obvious, not match our skin tone. But maybe we’re just paying those extra bucks for a pretty package with a well known name written on it? Today society teaches us expensive = better. While that may not necessarily be true. Today I’m going to do a review of two foundations I use regularly, one is much more expensive: M.A.C Matchmaster foundation in color 1.5 for $35.00 & the other is the Sassy+Chic Foundation which is by far the cheapest foundation iv ever bought, only $1.00 at the dollar store and I guarantee you’ve never even heard of the brand Sassy+Chic….DSCF1096

Lets start with packaging. I really like the glass dispenser with the cool pump on the MAC foundation, although I remember how stupid I looked in the MAC store when I was trying to figure out how to use it at first.. I’ve also always been a fan of the squeeze tube type packaging like with the Sassy+Chic foundation but I find the opening on this one is WAY too big and I almost always squeeze out too much.


The formula in each are way different, but each have their own pros and cons. MAC is a thick formula and the shade I got is darker but matches my skin tone pretty good. My husband told me he doesn’t like it because he can tell im wearing foundation, I wear a very small amount too so I think its just the fact that its thick although the people at MAC told me its a medium coverage foundation. Oh well. And the Sassy+Chic foundation is very watery & almost un-noticeable on the skin. The color I have is in a much lighter tone than the MAC, but since its so light you barely notice it, it has minimal coverage but I like to use it under my eyes to brighten my face, the finish on the Sassy+Chic is surprisingly a little more natural looking than on the MAC which has a matte finish. The lasting power is much greater on the MAC as you could have guessed. It will stay on all day as with the Sassy+Chic I need to reapply. Neither foundations in my opinion are full coverage and will not cover any very noticeable blemishes you may have. Here are some swatches, Right is MAC, left is Sassy+Chic:


So, as you can see cheap doesn’t always mean worse, both foundations are flawed and both have benefits I cant get from the other. And I use both regularly sometimes I even wear then together to give myself a more balanced skin tone and complexion. The point is, don’t rely on finding good products just by looking at price tags and brands. Try out brands that aren’t really known sometimes, you may be surprised at what you find!

Cheap VS Expensive Foundation, Is The Money Worth It?

Natural & Effective Face Cleansers For Sensitive Skin

So recently my face has been breaking out and my skin has been really dry. Im realizing that its probably the artificial facial cleansers iv been using. Now I have been on the search for recipes for all natural facial cleansers. And today iv put together a post for you with two of my favorites. They are both made using simple ingredients that can be found in your pantry or fridge and cost WAY less than something bought at the store which are ultimately not good for long-term skin care.

Lemon-Honey Cleansing Mask

I call this one a face mask because its thick and will stick to your face like a mask, but it also works as a great cleanser. It will remove dead skin cells, moisturize your skin, and give it a beautiful healthy glow!


2 tbsp. Mashed Avocado
1 tbsp. Honey
3 tsp. Lemon Juice
Essential Oils (Optional)

Remove core from avocado and spoon 2 tbsp from the middle.

Mix with honey, and lemon juice and add essential oils if you like.

I recommend using Tea Tree Essential oil to clear acne and/or Jasmine Essential oil to help with aging and elasticity of your skin.

Rinse face or using a soft cloth, dampen face using warm water.

Apply mixture to face and neck areas, careful around the nose and eyes.

Let set for about 2-5 minutes and rinse using warm water.

This is best to do before you take a shower, as it makes for an easier clean up.

PS: Another variation to this recipe when im low on ingredients is just milk and honey. Simple as that. I ALWAYS have honey because I drink it with my tea every day. & this works as a quick way to moisturize my face.

Pore Minimizing Face Wash

I suffer from large pores on my nose area, and if your like me, this simple mixture can help minimize the appearance of pores while toning and cleansing your skin.


3 tsp. Lime juice

3 tbsp. Aloe Vera gel

2 tbsp. Sugar

Mix the ingredients and use as a face scrub in the shower, leave on your face for a minute or two before rinsing off.

I hope you enjoy these two recipes for great, clean, nourished skin!

TIP* Anytime after I cleanse my face weather its with a synthetic or natural cleanser, I ALWAYS moisturize with natural oil. In the day time I opt for coconut oil applied about 1/2 hour before I do my makeup & night time I use a more heavier oil like argan oil.  Even if you choose not to cleanse naturally I believe the key to healthy skin is supplementing it with some type of natural substance, take advantage of the fantastic benefits of Gods creations!

Natural & Effective Face Cleansers For Sensitive Skin

Coupon Codes & Much More! Save Money And Look Beautiful!

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Have a great day beautiful readers!

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Coupon Codes & Much More! Save Money And Look Beautiful!

AVON: 125 years and still going strong!

As of today I am an Avon Sales Representative! Why, you ask? Well.. We all know the name Avon when we hear it, it represents beauty, feminism, makeup, etc. But lets not forget that Avon also has a wide range of products for men and children, not only that but Avon has been HUGE supporters of breast cancer and domestic violence, getting millions of dollars donated to these causes. Avon has been around longer than all of us, its one of the most trusted companies in the world! So the company itself was a no brainer for me when I was choosing a direct sales company to work for, but why did I want to work for a direct sales company anyways? Being a young mother of two who homeschools her children, I wanted a way to make money from home. Iv been looking online for jobs that I can do from home AND make reasonable money from the start. For some reason I never came across the idea of Avon. But just last week I went to my friends house for dinner and she told me how she had become a new Avon rep, she gave me some brochures and explained how Avon worked, once I finally understood how it all worked it seemed relatively easy to start, just pay $15 and your all set for everything you need to begin! To keep your business running you don’t need to put much money into it, only making a purchase at least every three months which you would need to do in order to buy more brochures to give to people. So far I haven’t even received my starting kit but I already am taking advantage of where I can still sell online and link all my social media to my online avon store.

I’ve heard a lot of people say things like “oh your not gonna make a lot of money on there” or “its a waste of time, all that work and you don’t make barely enough money” but the thing about Avon is, that I only invested $15 into it! $15 to start my own business!! Plus, it takes time and effort to make good money on Avon, but then again this isn’t the only income in my family, I don’t necessarily need a job I just want to make a little extra money and have something to do in my spare time, so for me, Avon was perfect.

What does Avon sell?

Avon sells a wide range of beauty products, most of which are for women, but also a wide range of men’s and children’s products, along with clothes, jewelry, shoes, candles, picture frames, etc. All of which are priced fantastically! If you’re interested in purchasing these products the best way to do so is through a sales representative you can get great deals this way. These are the people who usually come to your door with the magazines and free samples. But with todays new technology you can also buy through a rep online, my own Avon estore is at

So I hope you stop by and check out what we’ve got for sale. If you would like to speak with me directly about Avon you can also email me at im also on twitter @AssiaAvon where I post most of my Avon promotions and coupon codes. But be prepared because ill also be posting Avon reviews and promotions on this blog too!

AVON: 125 years and still going strong!